Saturday, 28 June 2008

the crazy rabbit and other crafting disasters

yes the bunny has either myxomatosis or some other crazy rabbit disease. baby boy first screamed and then laughed. so not the most successful of projects! in fact it's not the first project of late which has decided to take on a mind of its own, tangle itself up like a ball of wool, and come out the wash pink when it went in white.

so is this crafters block? do my latest array of wild animals and ill fitting clothes represent something else? perhaps a time that everyone has when their brain and hands, and creative lightening bolts don't seem to line up. it has nothing to do with happiness, or contentment, and sometimes when i look at these disasters i seem to smile to myself and chuckle a little, somehow they make the successes so much better.

i think my next project will be untangling my wool bags and putting in order the terrible mess i have made.

hey, at least my tomato plants are getting big!!!



Fairy Grandmother said...

Wow - crazy rabbit was rather scarey at first look - then proved rather endearing! Perhaps a little like fairy grandmothers?! Baby boy can see underneath the outer layer - we could all take a leaf out of his book eh? The tomato plants are most impressive and must be proving very gratifying - life is never all failures is it!

comfies said...

ha! that crazy rabbit needs love just like everybody else! and crazy rabbit's such as this one are very hard to come by...that tomato plant is outstanding!

Christine said...

I love the Crazy Rabbit. He's got personality:)