Thursday, 11 September 2008

baking and making

as the days are beginning to shorten, and the summer which was waited for, but never really appeared is coming to an end. i felt the need for warm slippers in lovely bright rainbow colours.
i have also been;
jam making,
and preserving like a woman possessed. as winter really does approach i am getting desperate to keep a little summer sweetness jared up for colder darker times.

blackberry and apple jelly,
hedgerow jelly,
hawthorn ketchup,
strawberry jam,
pontack, (a new recipe)
pickled beetroot,
mint syrup,

and mulled pears.

i have also been spending some quality time with my little artist who at the age of 2 and a half has finally managed to draw some beautiful pictures of his papa. i love the movement that small children bring to their art.



the flour loft said...

fantastic art work.... i have a little picture that my youngest drew of us all (her little family) when she was about the same age and i carry in around always... so precious.
Golly you are possessed - what a great lots of preserving... i have lots of apples... any suggestions?
ginny x

snow white and rose red said...

cider, but living in the west country that would be the obvious suggestion. otherwise there are loads of chutney recipes using apples as a base. i agree with you about the preciousness of our childrens art. i do feel very proud. by the way we have both (my sister and i) really been enjoying your blog. how are the book sales going?

Jessica said...

Those pears look absolutely yummy!