Tuesday, 30 September 2008

light green jumper-beans

there is a definite nip in the air now, and finally after our first week without rain since may, i think winter is coming. we were out in the garden today picking the last of the beans. the ones that had previously been hiding behind foliage, now grown long knobbly and gnarled with age. despite this franc and i both enjoyed popping them open and fighting over the juicy bombs inside.

we also made this beautiful embroidered patch together.

and loved it so much i made a jumper for it to live on.

it's a little baggy around the neck but all in all we are feeling very pleased with the results. a good first effort.



Anonymous said...

what a cute little boy... he looks just darling in the tee shirt.

have tagged you... would you like to play?
ginny x

Melissa said...

beautiful boy and i love that embroidered patch! such a great idea to put it on a jumper. :)

Fairy Grandmother said...

I've just spent the most theraputic morning catching up with your blog. I've been out of circulation for a few weeks - my dad died - and I was feeling sad - but reading thro your blog has 'lifted' me and helped restore some equilibrium. Thank you sw and rr and your wee wonderfuls for sharing the simple beauties of your lives. And yes, the fish did look yummie and the jumper is a creative wonder! What an inspiration!

snow white and rose red said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments.

Fairy Grandmother, I'm glad your spirits have been lifted if only momentarily, by reading about our little ones at this sad time. So sorry for your loss.