Monday, 1 September 2008

a beautiful spot

this is our new screen saver. i love this picture and it's a nice reminder that it is sunny sometimes! so far this british summer is turning into a major disappointment. all grey skies and showers. so on that rare occasion that is it a sunny day, i feel like we need to go out and really appreciate it. we always did mean to do some walking when little stan was born. but you know how it is, somehow you never get round to doing all those things you hoped to do, when making excited plans over a fat belly.

bright blue skies, sloping green hills and a secret picnic spot under a wind swept hawthorn tree. we felt as though we were all alone, just the three of us breathing in our beautiful surroundings. it was lovely. it made us think, times like these should be more of a regular part of our lives and that we should try our best to make the effort. as it was so restorative and peaceful. resting and basking in that comforting sun. such a good feeling.



Nigel Smith said...

That's a very peculiar looking tree. With the end of the wedding season in sight (so fewer busy weekends on the horizon) I've been flicking through my Country Walks Near London book. There are a few that end up in/near Brighton we should look into doing together.

snow white and rose red said...

That would be really nice x

the flour loft said...

'breathing in our beautiful surroundings'... this is what it is all about. such a lovely peaceful day shared with your loved ones. the tree is stunning. We have had a pretty crappy summer haven't we?
Reluctant as i am i feel now is the time to be embracing the onset of autumn and to look forward to homemade soups, cable knit sweaters, crafting by the fire,cosy nights in, walking through golden leaves... etc
Now i have said that i expect we will get the indian summer we have been waiting for!
happy tuesday
ginny x

Fairy Grandmother said...

Love the post and other comments - 'country walks together' and the anticipation of Autumn - 'Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness' etc. The photos of that summer day depict a scene that already feels long gone but yes 'flour loft' maybe an Indian Summer is on its way yet!

snow white and rose red said...

Thank you for your lovely comments, your descriptions of the new season approaching makes me look forward to what autumn will bring. I'm sure it will be good.