Sunday, 23 May 2010

focaccia and more bread making adventures

i made some focaccia bread the other day and was so impressed at how easy it was and how well it turned out. my photo does it no justice. i got the recipe from jamie's first book. i really like him. i know he gets a lot of stick but i think he does some real good out there regarding food awareness and really cares passionately about what he does. and his recipes have always been inspiring and easy to follow. he suggests various toppings for his focaccia bread, but i made up my own based on what i had in the cupboard. a handful of olives, re-hydrated sun dried tomatoes a clove of garlic and some fresh oregano from the balcony. all chopped up with a good dose of olive oil and salt and pepper. mmm it was so good and i'd love to try it with some other toppings, he mentions one with potato which sounds intriguing.

i've also been making my own flat bread lately, based on the idea from one of my favourite cookbooks casa moro that it is quicker to make your own than it is to go out to the shops to buy some at that moment. i was keen to see if this was true and it does seem to be, when you are making enough for 2 people or 2 and a half in our case. they say you need 130g flour to make 4 flat breads, then you add your yeast salt and water and knead it as much as you want. let it rest a bit or not. then roll into circles. i actually enjoy this bit and find it quite therapeutic to just focus on getting them as round as i can. we usually team up with j at the skillet cooking them as i roll out the next one. very satisfy work. we had them with lamb koftas the other day and they are good with Dal or tuna bean salad too.


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