Thursday, 27 May 2010

when i grow up?

i have not written here for a long time, still been here visiting though, reading what my lovely sister has been up to. sometimes i feel as if we are living in a parallel world. we have been watching the same programmes, and doing similar projects, thinking similar thoughts, and the same flowers even decorate our homes. but somehow, somewhere along the road i have lost my ability to blog, or maybe i have just lost the ability to photographically record what we have been up to.

i have to admit that i have been in a bit of a creative funk which i am trying to pull myself out of. i don't mean to wallow in my lack of lustre but sometimes i find things in the creative community a little fluffy lacking the reality of life, or maybe just the reality of my life. the times when i just want to pull my hair out and scream because my child has pushed me just that little bit too far, or times when you have to stop yourself being mad because you know, its really you not them.

it is difficult not to compare yourself to all these people who seem so sorted and together. i am still not sure what i want to be when i grow up, and with my baby boy starting school soon, i really should be thinking harder about it all. so what do i enjoy doing? i love making fancy dress costumes, but i'm not sure that raspberries make much money, maybe if they teamed up with some cream.

i love my garden, these are my chilli's in there own little green houses.

and my broad beans finally in flower after so long in the ground.

i love going to the bike park with franc who has now started riding a skateboard, all his trousers have holes in the knees, he does look cool though!

i love this doodling robot too.

i love looking back at old pictures. it makes me realise how quickly time flies (an old cliche i know) but suddenly i get it. i am very grateful for every day and now i just need to find a good project to get my teeth into, and then decide what to be when i grow up.

ambika x

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threespirit said...

Love the raspberry! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about creative/craft blogs. Whilst I love yours cos I know what you girls are like, I can't help but feel that there are a lot of arguments, tears and drudgery left out of the others...which is probably a good thing. However it does rather create this myth of the perfect lifestyle and quite frankly, no-ones life is like that. I find them a little oppressive. It's as if the feminist movement never happened!Keep up the good work. I love seeing what you've been up to. I just wish I wasn't so lazy and then I'd do one too! xxx