Wednesday, 12 May 2010

hapazome or bashing as he likes to call it

i got this idea from my new favourite programme the edible garden where the presenter alys tries to not buy any fruit or veg for a year and just lives on what she produces in her garden. oh one day when i get a garden of my very own, but for now i can dream!!

it's a japanese technique called hapazome. so off we went and gathered lots of leaves and flowers then came home and got out the chopping board, hammer and an old cotton sheet. you just lay the flowers and leaves in between two bits of fabric and start hitting with the hammer. it's really fun and easy and you get instant results which i like and definitely appeals to a toddler. needless to say he thoroughly enjoyed the noisy bashing part and it was exciting to see what imprint each flower or leaf left behind. the bottom print is of a hawthorn leaf which turned out particularly well. i have plans to sneak off and have a go by myself some time.



Anonymous said...

Hi! Wow- the effects of that 'bashing' are absolutely gorgeous. I love that you don't have to spend a lot of money or time to create something so pretty. Loving your recent posts too- nice to just see a snapshot of things like the beautiful flowers in the vase. Thanks for recommending the programme- I think I'm going to enjoy that one!Hope you're all well, Much love,
Kevie xxxxxxxxxxx

wild cherry jam said...

oh, by the way, do you know if you can fix the colour so it doesn't fade when you wash it? kevie xxx

snow white said...

Hi, lovely to hear from you, and thanks! Yes I think you can fix the dye, but I haven't tried it yet xxx