Tuesday, 1 November 2011

sunday boot fair finds

we had a lovely weekend, my parents came down and on sunday, we went to the marina and had fun watching the sea. it was really choppy and the waves crashed so high that we had to run to avoid getting too wet. and at the local boot fair this is what i found...

basket 20p
white jumper 50p
brown jumper £1.50
two stripy baby jumpers 20p each
hat 20p
large noticeboard 20p
two vests 20p each
etch-a-sketch £1
turquoise jumper and stripey tank top £1.50 for both
(the jumpers are 80- 100 percent wool)
the pumpkins we already had! granny helped carve one for halloween.
i also found the river cottage year (not photographed) for £1

good bargains, don't you think?! i left feeling quite pleased and full of ideas of what to do with my treasures.

sarada xx


Chrissie's Ribbons said...

What a haul!! I do love a good bargain!xxx

threespirit said...

Wow, you drive a hard bargin! Everything seems to cost £1 upwards when I go! Saying that I did find a lovely little rocking horse for £2 so I shouldn't complain! xxx

snow white said...

Hi, I do love a good bargain, I think because it was threatening rain everyone was trying to sell as much as they could before packing up, luckily for me. as i'm pretty rubbish at haggling!!
That rocking horse sounds like a great buy,

It always makes my day when you both stop by,

Sarada xx