Thursday, 27 October 2011

a bag for collecting things

yesterday was one of those days. you know, when you get tired of hearing your own voice and really no one is listening anyway. it was raining all day so that didn't help either. amidst the chaos i decided to get out the sewing machine and make this bag for my big boy to put all the things he asks me to fill my pockets with, when we're out and about. he always runs to me with a small object and announces that it's for his 'collection'. so the sewing machine whirred and amazingly peace ensued. it's funny how a change of activity can get everyone out of a rut. and we did attempt to get dressed at one point but pyjamas seems to be the preferred mode of dress around here on these dark rainy days. even changing back into them after being out, as we did today. made out of one of the blankets i got a few weeks ago, i think he was pleased. sometimes it's nice to see a physical achievement for a day, and i felt on top of it all once again and able to keep us happy and busy for the rest of the afternoon. although popcorn and hot chocolate might have been involved.

sarada xx


Little Dotty Bird said...

Gorgeous bag! Sounds similar to some of our days, I find making and doing and a bit of music n dancin are fab for changing the energy of a rainy day stuck in crazed pair of toddlers and harrassed mama! A collectors bag has been on my to do list for so long now...maybe it'll be a xmas pressie, also fancy the idea of a pyjama and bedtime book bag to habg next to the bed. My little on M (4) loves having a place for things, especially ifits a bit hidden.
Hope we get a bot of sunshine soon! :)

snow white said...

Thanks so much. yes we often dance too, a bedtime bag sounds like a great idea xx