Friday, 6 January 2012

oh christmas tree

today the tree came down, the decorations are all neatly packed up ready for christmas 2012.

i just love my tree, it's magical. christmas would be nothing without it. the tree goes up on christmas eve and comes down today, as family tradition has, and always has dictated. who knows who starts these traditions but carrying them on is important, as well as starting new ones that is.

happy new year to all you lovely people

ambika x


Little Dotty Bird said...

Happy New Year! I'm missing all the christmas trees and lights already..I love looking at all the trees lit up in the house windows on dark hoo! Cant believe the daffodils are coimin up already, this weather is crazy! x We must meet up soon, email me at Its just me and my boy for most of the week, although hes starting preschool Monday afternoons and Weds mornings from next week. See ya bird x

barefoot mama said...

Hope you had a wonderful Holiday:) Miss you!!