Friday, 20 January 2012

red, white, blue and a new cardigan

hello. today's post is a little bit of a mix bag. i just downloaded the photos from my camera and realised i have actually been up to quite a lot. it was one of those moments when for the last few weeks i have been wondering what i can blog about and there right in front of me were the answers.

we strung up the garden chillies before christmas. they were dark green as they were planted late and didn't have time to ripen before the colder weather set in. now look at them, and all the rather embarrassing cobwebs.

these beautiful tulips were given to me by one of my lovely friends. i was very touched they are so pretty i had to mention them.

i just loved the colour in this picture, it is so vivid. i don't know who took it probably franc which makes me love it more.

so onto my new cardigan. i bought this cashmere jumper from a charity shop for £1.50
and didn't really like it but the fabric felt soooo good i had to buy it.

i turned it into this cardigan. the picture is a little ropey but you get the idea.

ambika x


threespirit said...

LOVE the cardi! It looks brilliant, you clever thing! xxx

Chrissie's Ribbons said...

I didn't know you could do that with chillies! Though I only managed to get ONE chilli from three plants last year! I don't know what went wrong... I think I should ask you for some tips by the looks of things!

The cardigan is just gorgeous, the collar is so so sweet and I love the bias binding you used x

Amsey said...

Loving the cardie my lovely....I need some sewing tips! xx

rose red said...

Thanks for all your sweet comments. I made the bias binding by just folding over a thin strip of fabric and sewing it into place. Steph is really the chilli grower but we did get quite a crop last year which has now dried completely and been put in a jar for later use.