Thursday, 29 March 2012

a good start

it's always good to start the day with a little drawing time outside, even if all you want to draw on is everything apart from the paper that mummy has laid out in front of you. and pulling the lids off and on is so much fun. stan had to wear an easter bonnet for a special parade and breakfast this morning before the start of school and we somehow managed to get there early even though we are usually late. i taped some daffodils from the allotment onto his sun hat. we decided against donating our hot cross buns for communal use as the baby had managed to chew them into crumbs through the plastic wrapping, so we sat there and ate them ourselves. and there wasn't a parade so we said goodbye to my school boy and back home we went to wait in for the electrician. and now i am so glad school is out. that means we can have a snuggle in bed tomorrow morning and get to the serious business of reading winnie the pooh. and we are away visiting family for a few days too, it will be lovely.

sarada xx


Little Dotty Bird said...

I am so relieved its finally the holidays! No frantic rushing about and driving up and down the lanes for a good two weeks! yey! I've tried drawing with my little boy james (3yrs) and unfortunately he discovered that by smashing the felt tips onto the paper it makes spidery splat no more tips on his pens..doh! Hope you enjoy the hols and really hope this weather lasts just a little longer! x

Chrissie's Ribbons said...

oooh, I love drawing outside! Looking forward to the holidays too :) Lots of hugs xxx

Anna @ green tea n toast said...

My daughter started colouring the other day at the grand old age of one. she loves it, it's possibly the cutest thing to watch ever! x