Thursday, 29 March 2012

one walk

every morning i do the school run and then take sookie up to the fields for her morning walk. i never grow tired of this place and feel so lucky that we have all of this on our door step.

she's good company our little pup. she trots along next to me, stopping when i stop and discovering all the wonders of the outside world.

i often look at her when we get home fast asleep in her basket and totally understand where the phrase it's a dogs life comes from.



Little Dotty Bird said...

The views are fabulous around that area, my man Matt works at the Comprehensive and I think it must have the most amazing setting of any school I've seen. I used to love sitting out in the fields for art class! I think I saw you the other day walking with your boy near the school, Ive been dropping Matt to work since our other car got so relieved to have a break from it for a couple of weeks now, Ive really had enough of driving with narky kids in tow!! Enjoy the holidays and the fab weather! x

Chrissie's Ribbons said...

Sookie is adorable!! Looks like a gorgeous walk to have nearby xx