Wednesday, 16 May 2012

my new kenwood love

i have been after a food mixer for ages but when we looked at the prices of the new kitchenaid mixers, and the new kenwood mixers we were horrified and decided that we would wait for a bit. 

then we saw this retro beauty. i love it more than the new ones. it works great and i am amazed at how much it can do. so far i have the dough hook, balloon whisk and k beater (for cakes). if i wanted i could get a mincer, coffee grinder and  liquidiser amongst many other things. not sure if i am going to save up for the sausage filler or pasta maker. anyway i just thought i would share its orange loveliness with you all.

ambika x


kevie said...

Oh I love that colour!! I have a kenwood and use it almost every day... what a find! :)xxx

Katy said...

That's a beauty! Orange is such a great colour. x

rose red said...

There is a theme starting to apear in our kitchen. Orange is great x Hope you are well looking forward to your next post

Little Dotty Bird said...

ooh pretty! You should get a plastic clip on cover thing that stops the flour flying out everywhere..I have the same mixer...but alas its not orange :(