Thursday, 10 May 2012

Rainy days

There is a constant drizzle and hazy fog which has now been with us for a few days. So today we did a wet day after school art project. Wallpaper lining paper was spread across the full length of the table and every medium i could find in my cupboard was found. paint, glitter, glitter glue, magazines, scissors, pens, and crayons all went into creating this scene from our town. (it's the jubilee street party which has not yet happened) 

this is francisco and sookie being lifted up by balloons

this is trematon castle
the only issue now is what do i do with it?


Little Dotty Bird said...

What a fabulous picture! Great idea for a rainy day...and we really have had ENOUGH rainy days now! Sorry I did'nt make it back to your stall on Saturday, I got distracted with the kids and then had to go to work :(
Will catch up with you soon though x

Katy said...

Wow! It's so pretty! I love the bunting...

Anna @ green tea n toast said...

I love the name of your blog - I used to absolutely love this book when I was younger. And as for this masterpiece - I love getting my son to paint BIG pictures, so much more fun. This one is brilliant. xx