Tuesday, 8 May 2012

moments to savour

these days seem to race by in a flurry of activity, especially since my sweet boy has started school. sometimes i feel as though i hardly have time to take a breath let alone remember  and enjoy these moments with my little ones. and i so want to remember. a long bank holiday weekend was a good reminder to just slow down and relax. and that's just what we did. the pretty much constant rain didn't worry us one bit. we snuggled for a little longer in bed in the mornings, made it up as we went along and snuggled some more with lots of giggles thrown in for good measure.

 ps the sunny pictures are from the week before, when we had one day without rain!

 hope your weekend was relaxing too,

 sarada xx

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Little Dotty Bird said...

Hi Bird, I keep thinking the same about my little ones, James has started nursery a few hours a week now and Mya's in school...weekends and holidays keep whirring by! I'm looking forward to the laziness of summer holidays! I saw your sis at the weekend, her stall looked very delicious! Fab stuff! Take care lovely and thanks for your comments on me ol' blog! x