Tuesday, 1 April 2008

2 whole years already!!

well, my boy was 2 years old last week so we had a party to celebrate. it went on late into the night with much drunkenness and poker playing. after everyone, that was still standing, had had enough we passed out in front of an open fire while our friend john played beautifully on the guitar. this was all after the kids had gone to bed. for the actual party we laid on a fine spread, and stick baked and decorated an amazing cake in the shape of snoopy, there was just one burning question left un answered where had woodstock gone?

franc's gang of friends consist of oli, fin, and cai. it is great watching them play and interact together. i really hope that they remain good buddies. it is easy to imagine them in a few years just like the boys from the film stand by me
fin's mum chloe made franc some brilliant cat and mouse skittles from old fabric remnants, he loves them so much.

and finally, our brother had a baby girl on the 28th of march. i made this small quilt to send out to ireland as her welcome to the world present. it is the first quilt i have ever made and i am rather pleased with it. i have learnt quite a bit from the project and am already looking forward to my next one. I have also made my friend natalie a small gift for her new baby which is due any day now. i wont put any pictures on as she may see, but watch this space. for more pictures of both the party and the quilt check out our flickr account.



Fairy Grandmother said...

Was good to read of the birthday celebrations on all fronts! and view the party table groaning beneath all those goodies - especially the magnificent 'snoopy cake'! Is Stik taking orders? Good too to read of the cycle of life continuing sweetly with yet another wee wonderful joining the family and receiving such a joyous welcome!

Anonymous said...

great party

John said...

Perhaps it was my trip into Totnes today - but I finally felt the time was right to seek a bit of cottagey, boaty, naturey wisdom from your renowned blog!

And then, having seen myself namechecked and complimented on my musical efforts - which I think must only have sounded impressive through your filter of drunkenness - I just had to go a step further and leave a comment. (A bit of ego polishing and I'm anyone's! - sorry, I'm sounding like some sort of greasy meglomaniac.)

And a very lovely bloggy thing it is too! I feel thoroughly lifted from my comparatively humdrum reality of sandpaper and CBeebies into your honeyed realms of flowers and paint and magical knitted things.

I think I'll drop by again!