Tuesday, 22 April 2008

coming home

this is the face of a very excited little boy! we're usually hanging around in the wheel house which also happens to be our kitchen, either making dinner or tidying up when j gets back from work. as soon as stan hears the click of the lock, he expectantly looks to the door and starts smiling hugely and waving his arms and legs around frantically as his daddy arrives home. it's such a lovely thing to see and makes my heart smile watching the joy on both their faces, as they see each other after having been apart for the whole day. at those moments it's as though it has always been the three of us. our little family. and all the struggles of everyday living fade away leaving the air full of love and laughter.

those moments really make my day.

we were really thrilled to receive this beautiful jumper for stan the other day. knitted by a dear family friend. he seems to like it and it's just his colour.

along with these cute shoes that ambika sent us a while ago, thanks little sis they're really lovely, both gifts are a little big at the moment but i think stan will grow into them very nicely.



Nigel Smith said...

Those photos are wonderful. You'll be pleased to know that your lovely cushion will soon have pride of place on our new armchair. All I need now is a pipe and slippers.

See you soon. xxxxx

Fairy Grandmother said...

When wee wonderfuls and their much loved parents live a distance away it warms a grandmother's heart to see photos like these and to read that life for them in spite of its daily ups and downs holds treasures that can never be erased.

Anonymous said...

what can i say ,such a lovely comment from fairy g . i say ditto to that x