Thursday, 10 April 2008


spending it, wasting it, producing it, absorbing it. the positive and the negative stuff, the inspired bursts, the volcanic eruptions, and the lightening realisations. we've had it all this week!

i've been a member of a local environmental action group for a while now. initially we jumped onto the "plastic bag free" band wagon, and then we introduced a bag tax within our small town. all but 4 of the 30 retailers now charge 5p for every plastic bag given out, all funds going to the CWT it has been a good success. we held an energy awareness evening last week to promote our latest project.reducing domestic energy waste. basically turning off lights, getting properly insulated, that kind of thing. it was most illuminating.

other news this week, congratulations to my dear friend natalie who gave birth to a beautiful girl. i made her this cheeky monkey.

in fact i have been very productive and have made a further 2 monkeys and these 3 sweet little owls which are nestled under the bluebells in the garden. they are lavender filled so will help you sleep and then watch over you.

the garden is looking great and colour and life is jumping out from every corner. we didn't have snow like my sister, just a cold patch. unfortunately enough to kill off the beans, but it's my own fault for putting them out a little too early. i have also bought my first online fabric from buttonberry i didn't know what to expect and was so excited to receive the package sweetly wrapped in pink tissue paper and ribbon. it was very personal and i just love the prints.

what to make now is the only question. watch this space...



Anonymous said...

the fabrics look brilliant love the chilli peppers i must say the plastic bag , or lack of them ,campaign has really taken off .it has even reached me here in kent .the shops are gradually taking notice . i suppose you are responsible for this ?i carry my canvas bag with me always [ she said smuggly] oh great owls ,have you thought about sewing magnets into the monkeys hands it makes them hang on .

Fairy Grandmother said...

Just back from week of cleaning a recently acquired cottage in suffolk where a cold wind blew and where there were plenty of volcanic eruptions! Can't believe the bluebells are appearing but the pictures were heartening to see - lavender owls, cheeky monkey and all.(magnet idea could prove to be a lightening realisation!) Canvas bags were around in Suffolk too you and anonymous will be glad to hear and I hope to remember to carry my Fairtrade co-op one with me wherever I go - and save my 6p!