Wednesday, 11 June 2008

the daylight zone

i get up early. well i have to as my alarm clock these days comes with full working limbs and a cheeky grin! so why is it that every day as we attempt to get anywhere we are always late. honestly i don't know how it happens but some time between breakfast and leaving the boat loaded with various supplies for the day ahead, we seem to lose a good few hours and i just can't put my finger on it. and suddenly i am racing with the pram to get somewhere fast. granted the places we generally have to be, meeting our friends usually, means that it's not essential we are there at an exact time, but i'm sure we are trapped in some kind of vortex where time speeds up at a certain hour each morning. or does it really take that long to make stan's lunch and pack his bag?!

lunching in lounge pants!

we have had such a busy may. lots of people to see and places to be. it's been lovely, but i am looking forward to a quieter time at home this month. enjoying the sunshine and relaxing picnics on the beach, like this one we had the other day. stan is sporting his new retro lounge pants as we like to call them in this photo.
his aunty and uncle came to visit for the weekend and they got this gorgeous outfit for him. it's so comfy and made of fine knit cotton so won't irritate his eczema in this hot weather. they even have a little front pocket, perfect for storing raisins. and even better it's made by a locally based company. talking of buying locally we have just discovered a new natural eczema cream for stan by pure potions. i like that it doesn't smell perfumed and is just full of pure goodness.

our weekend visitors were also laden with lots of exciting treats. homemade oat cookies. delicious. lettuce from their garden, which we ate with our lunch on the beach and this lovely handmade tea towel. we will think of them every time we use it.

like me, aunty k has a bit of a penchant for beautiful fabric, so we were very excited to hear about a new shop in town. we managed to get there at the end of the day and came away with some great finds. she bought a lovely japanese printed black cotton, and a blue flowery fabric, and i got a blue fabric with a cute little white chicken print. she photographed them with some of my other recent finds. i did have a fanciful notion of making a matching outfit for me and stan out of this mustard coloured fern print. a dress for me and shorts for him. is that silly?

and we had our last wedding for a while. it was such a beautiful day and our dear friends looked so lovely.

i made this gift for them to commemorate the day. lavender filled hearts. i am pleased with how they turned out.

and finally, so glad to have you back in our life mcnulty. we sure have missed you and your pals.



moon beam said...

What a gorgeous post! We had such an amazing time- thank you!! That lovely flowery fabric has become some kitchen curtain/blinds. I'm really pleased with them. The little one looks delicious in his 'lounge suit' and i'm glad he looks comfortable in it! I think his uncle is sad they don't come in his size!!

Fairy Grandmother said...

A delightful summer post which makes one nostalgic for those halcyon days of yore when grandmothers were mothers raising their own wee wonderfuls! - summer picnics, favourite outfits and weekend visits from family and friends. Saw a quote last week which reminded me of you two sisters - 'How wide and sweet and wild motherhood - and sisterhood - can be.'(Rebecca Wells)
By the way, can one ask who McNulty is?!

Anonymous said...

how i remember my own little alarm clocks x