Monday, 16 June 2008

for all my family and friends

i am feeling very loved right now. i just turned 30, and after a few weeks of my birthday not being mentioned, and the subject being tip toed around i was bombarded by surprise after surprise. my my i have a good man. this is the beautiful sunset we watched while spending the night in our friends chalet on whitsands beach. we ate well, drank copiously and had an amazingly relaxing time.

stick doing the dishes, and me! i love these reflection pictures. Francs sand castle which soon after this picture was taken was destroyed. sometimes i think kids enjoy the tearing down as much as the creating.

me and my boy.

so that was thursday night. we left fairly early on friday and headed back to the blue cottage. i was overwhelmed to discover that my dear sister, stan, and mum had secretly arrived the night before. i was over the moon. so was franc who enjoyed cuddling up with his granny on the sofa.

so you might think the story is over but it really has just begun. the surprises kept on coming firstly in the form of dear ken, and the lovely sylvesters arriving just before midnight on friday. i was so happy to be spending the day with my family and friends that it was quite an effort to get me where they all wanted me to be. to the souk, a very special little eatery oozing with atmosphere. wow yet another surprise!
a party with so many friends all together in the same place. the food was great, the company was perfect and i had so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts including a large collection of money for me to finally buy myself a chicken run and a couple of egg laying birds, some beautiful fabrics, thanks sis,

some sheins of morrocain wool purchased from the wall of the restaurant,

some great books.

the partying went on into the night, and then some more into the early hours of the morning. it was good. i am so lucky and happy happy happy




Anonymous said...

you say it for us all baby girl x

Fairy Grandmother said...

How good it is to read these posts Snow White and Rose Red! One creeps away from the usuual evening round of after dinner chores and tv and is transported to another dimension of heartwarming thoughts and feelings which truly cheer one's heart! The blog is looked forward to week by week - its influence is far reaching as we readers find ourselves appreciating the finer natural things in life alongside you both. Thank you - and belated happy 30th Rose Red1

fliss said...

Lots of happiness and very late birthday wishes for you. Sounds like it was a wonderful day.x