Wednesday, 25 June 2008

summer so good

it's funny, i have spent all year waiting for june to come around and now it's here i don't quite know what to do with myself.

i think it's because on the boat the winters seem so extreme as the weather affects you in every way. the wind rocks you about and the cold and dampness seep in and cling to everything. so it's nice to look forward to warmer days when our little floating home can dry out and we can fling open the windows, let the light shine in and clear the cobwebs from our heads.

to get us in the summertime mood when the weather isn't living up to its promises, we've been listening to this. it's the summer show from bob dylan's theme time radio hour. it's really great.
so i guess i should just let go and relish these precious days with my nearly one year old. enjoying the moments as they come and go. without always looking to the next thing. cream teas, cloud gazing on sunny afternoons and the beauty of cut flowers. it couldn't be better really.



Nigel Smith said...

Great sugestion. As soon as the sun comes out again I'm going to replay Bob's summer show.


Fairy Grandmother said...

Sounds good to me! Living a day at a time and enjoying every moment is definitely the best idea! Go for it sister!