Friday, 2 December 2011

counting down the days

this year i thought we'd do something a bit different to count down the days until christmas. i think i saw the idea in mollie makes. i bought the local shop out of small match boxes. then used a book of coloured paper that has lasted us for years it seems, to cover them. i got number stickers from the local craft shop, and finally filled them with sweets, little messages and gifts. oh and i got the jar from a charity shop for £6.25 in a half price sale. i thought i could use it again and i do love the shape. when i showed it to him on thursday night, well, i didn't manage to get it together for the morning, it produced the biggest smile. today he got a jelly bear and tomorrow is a message saying 'let's get out some of the christmas books'. I haven't quite finished all the matchboxes, but i figure i only have to be a couple of days ahead! we have a traditional advent calendar too (you can see it in the background). sent to us every year by grandma along with an advent candle. that parcel is always exciting to open. yesterday, after arranging all the matchboxes in the jar, ages later he kept saying 'i just need to check that the number 2 is still on top'. as he had placed it there ready to open this morning. he is so excited about the advent calendars and just christmas in general. 4 is such a sweet age. it's going to be fun watching it all through his eyes.

happy weekend,

sarada xx


Little Dotty Bird said...

suxh a sweet idea, I can imagine getting really into writing the messages and finding little treats to put in them! Loving your xmas display too (from the last post) I am so disorganised when it comes to stuff like that, a last minute girl! Glad your sis is coming back to blogland, Ive only met her a few times at stalls but she seems really lovely, havent managed to catch up with her yet. x

Chrissie's Ribbons said...

Oh that is such a gorgeous idea- the jar is a great find too! Our little one is getting excited about Christmas too- as you say it really is lovely to see it all through their eyes and start new traditions for the family.

Hope you are all well xxx

barefoot mama said...

This is a super cute and creative idea:) - barefoot mama