Friday, 2 December 2011


i've been away from this space for a while, and i've missed it. it wasn't a conscious decision to stop blogging. life just somehow got in the way as it often does when things get busy, creative, emotional, and just a touch romantic. i got married.

after being in a happy monogamous relationship for nearly 14 years we finally decided to tie the knot. i'm not really sure what bought about this decision but i think being asked helped to move things along.

in very typical us style we bought begged, borrowed, stole*, created and laboured to make the day really special, and despite our obvious exhaustion it really was magical. it could never have happened as spectacularly as it did without the help of all our amazing friends and family. we feel really lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people.

we made each others wedding bands, it what a fabulous experience, it has really given me the urge to try some more metal work. ebay became our best friend as we began buying everything from candle wax, to wedding suits and marquees.

we dug and built our own composting loos, and constructed a stage where our friends and family performed all night long and into the next day. that is after they had eaten a sumptuous feast prepared by my lovely brother and his sister in law. i cant say anything more to describe the enormity of the occasion and pictures speak louder than words.

ambika x

* thank you maurice huggins tea room for supplying the lace doily which made the sleeves of my dress, which was also handmade by chloe


Little Dotty Bird said...

wow! what a gorgeous looks and sounds very much like the one Ive been planning for the last 5 years! Me and Mat have been together for 9 years now but we cant seem to get the plans together just yet...probably on account of having 2 small kids and no money!! glad you are back to blogging, as you can see, ive been getting quite into since I met you back in May! we must meet up one day soon! x

threespirit said...

What a beautiful wedding it was too. Like a fairytale dream. Love these pictures, especially the group one and the one of you and Ken! xxx

barefoot mama said...

Awwwww YAY & CONGRATULATIONS!! Such a beautiful day! You have such a fun and creative style! ~ Barefoot mama

rose red said...

Thankyou all for your lovely comments. It feels really good to be back blogging again. Threespirit so good to see you at the wedding, the occassions when we get together are becoming quite rare but I love everyone of them. Little dotty bird, would love to meet up soon. We must arrange it after christmas Barefoot Mama thanks so much for all the support you have given our blog x

Chrissie's Ribbons said...

Oh wow- it all looks so very beautiful!!! I love your dress and bouquet and just how happy and relaxed you all look. Our most heartfelt congratulations and welcome back to blog land!!xxxx

rose red said...

thank you chrissie's ribbons. i am so impressed with all your stuff and how much you've been doing. i really enjoy looking at your blog x