Tuesday, 20 December 2011


this is where we live.

i love it. the chicken run is bigger than our house, the shed is also bigger than our house and taller than the workshop. the living roof which we created about 3 years ago, has amazingly big flowers growing on it, and the birds in the sky above our garden have smiles and beaks. nothing amuses me quite like a 5 year olds perspective.

we have been baking a lot lately, getting prepared for christmas.

i took my wedding ring off when we were making these mince pies and forgot to put it back on. i remembered when we were out shopping in town. francisco said, "don't worry mummy, everyone will know that you're married by your happy face"

4 days till christmas, i get the count down daily, there is a lot of excitement here.

ambika x


threespirit said...

Ah, Francisco's comment made my heart melt. What a sweetie! x

Chrissie's Ribbons said...

Oh how gorgeous!! What a lovely little tale... my heart is all melty too!!!

Those birds are too cute x

Little Dotty Bird said...

that is so cute! those mince pies look super yummy too...drool! I'm getting excited now...the day is fast approaching! x