Sunday, 2 October 2011

hello october, hello sunshine

there's been a mini heatwave here in the uk. hopefully it's just a very late summer, otherwise it seems disconcerting to be so hot at this time of year. we've been making the most of the sunshine as it's bound to be the last we see before the days get colder and darker. spending every minute outside; walking, exploring, having evening picnics on the beach, and swimming everyday. i've been loving getting into that water, so exhilarating. and so freezing but it is autumn after all. i fancy while i'm out in the cool waves, that i could be one of those people you hear about, that swim in the sea every single day of the year. but then i realise there's no way, and it's just unusually hot at the moment. how strange it is to be swimming in october while autumn coloured leaves cover the ground and the bushes are filled with bright red berries.

is the season taking you by surprise where you are?
sarada xxx

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