Monday, 10 October 2011

nursing a cold

i've got a horrible tickly cough at the moment, it's the sort that keeps you up at night and everyone else for that matter. i've been lucky enough to rest this weekend though, wrapped up in a blanket, browsing through old country living magazines, and drinking lemon, ginger and honey tea, while my lovely partner has looked after the children, taken them out and generally kept them busy. i am so grateful for all that he does. and this little one has started walking. it's been a couple of weeks now from those first tottering, arms pointing forwards, steps between us. i find it amazing to watch him get more confident each day. there's still a lot of falling down and heart in my mouth moments, but i just love that bum stuck up in the air when he gets up every time to try again. i keep finding him in all sorts of places!

i'd love to know what natural remedies you reach for when you get a cold?

see you soon,
sarada xxx


barefoot mama said...

Do you have any good whiskey in the house? I make a hot toddy for myself before bed, it the only thing that works if you don't want to take cough medicine. LOTS of vitamin c and carrot juice during the day. Also, it wouldn't hurt to do the neti pot a few times during the day. Stay away from dairy and gargle with warm salt water and myrrh. Hope you get to feeling better soon! Barefoot Mama

snow white said...

Thanks for the all the cold advice, I love to know what other people reach for. The neti pot sounds interesting, do you use it? I'm taking echinacea too, I forgot about gargling with salt, will do that too. Might have to stay off the whiskey, although it might help the baby sleep!!

Best wishes,

Sarada xx

Chrissie's Ribbons said...

Sorry you've not been well- It's so hard when you have young ones and all you want to do is curl up under a duvet! I'm a lover of aniseed tea with a teaspoon of manuka honey... you just feel like it's doing you good.

And of course, some simple clear chicken soup!

Get well soon!x

snow white said...

Ooh chicken soup, that sounds so good, if only someone would make it for me!

Lots of love

threespirit said...

Bless littl'un he's so cute! My boss used to reccomend an ice cold beer. Now thats a remedy I like the sound of! x

snow white said...

Sounds good to me too!

So lovely to hear from you,

Lots of love xxx