Thursday, 6 October 2011

a changeable sort of day

today it started off stormy, then sunny, then rainy and by the evening there wasn't a cloud in sight, just a beautiful yellowy pink sky. we got caught in a downpour on the way back from school so we ran down the hill shrieking and smiling till we got home. we got cosy and made these biscuits for the second time. i'm always on the look out for a dairy and egg free recipe for my little allergy sufferer, so when this came through the post in the lush catalogue we had to try it. they are really good. i never thought of using coconut oil like this and i love that they have fresh ginger in them too. not so pretty to look at but really tasty, just like proper crunchy ginger biscuits. they're definitely becoming a favourite around here.

sarada xxx


Little Dotty Bird said...

Depending on what allergies she has, there is a fabulous book I use a lot called "Cooking Without" II've got the vegetarian one but there is a "normal" one too (by Barbara Cousins). All the recipies are free from wheat, added sugar, dairy and yeast. Ive used it a lot as I'm intolerant of wheat and other things and the recipes are always super yum. Oh and the weather is bonkers at the moment, gusts of wind, torrential rain then sunshine (albeit briefly!) You really do have to move fast to get the best from British weather! :)

snow white said...

Hello there,
I know isn't the weather crazy, i can't keep up! thanks for the book info i'll definitely look it up.

Thanks so much for stopping by,

Sarada xxx