Tuesday, 4 October 2011

the other day

i had a few moments to myself so i sat on the balcony and read this cute and inspiring craft magazine whilst eating these sweet healthy treats. what bliss. i love those wreaths, such beautiful pictures. and there's a tutorial for a throw that's made out of woollen jumpers that i've got my eye on, so i couldn't resist this lot at the boot fair. 3 woollen blankets (not sure what to do with them - any ideas?) and 2 woollen jumpers to start me off all for just 3 quid. now that's a bargain don't you think? i had to snap them up even if it was ridiculous walking around with them for the rest of the day in the sweltering heat!

sarada xxx


Chrissie's Ribbons said...

Wow- what a brilliant find! Well done you! Had to laugh at though of wandering around with heavy blankets on a hot day with two babies in tow... what we go through for our crafting!!

Sounds like a few blissful stolen moments with a magazine and a cuppa- I could do with one of those myself! Will have to give those tasty treats go too... much love xxx

Little Dotty Bird said...

Hi, (I found yuour blog through meeting your sister at her craft stall earlier this year). I keep meaning to get hold of Mollie makes, I heard of it from a few other bloggers and it looks rather fab! Those snacks sound good too, I recently discovered the Nakd (raw food) Cocoa Loco snack bar and have been meaning to make something like it..not sure if I could find cocoa nibs round here though...might get funny looks if I ask in the village shop! So sad to see the summer weather dissapear today, its been so gorgeous. Take care, Lisa x

snow white said...

Hello CR,

yes we must have looked a sight!

so nice to hear from you xxx

snow white said...

Hello Lisa,

we've been enjoying your blog too. Thanks for coming over here. I must look out for that snack bar, sounds yummy.

all the best,
sarada xxx