Wednesday, 12 October 2011

bringing the outside in

i never manage to do much with the beautiful autumn leaves that we collect at this time of year and we always seem to come home with handfuls. if you look, you can find them stuffed into various books around the house as i try to press them at least. i always want to dip them in wax or do leaf rubbings, in fact there's so much inspiration out there, but we never seem to manage it. so at least by making a leaf garland to hang on the wall we get to enjoy them for a while until they get all crumpled. do you remember the leaf rainbow i made a long time ago? that was fun. in autumn we also collect acorns and pine cones as they are always great to play with. but no conkers i'm afraid, we don't seem to have any horse chestnut trees around these parts.

sarada xxx


barefoot mama said...

That's a wonderful idea! I think we will do this today. Thanks! B

snow white said...

Oh thank you, I'm so glad you like it x

Little Dotty Bird said...

simple and beautiful idea, i must make one, i'm always collecting acorns and leaves and don't ever get around to doing anything with them...usually end up crunched up in my coat pockets or at the bottom of my bag! x

snow white said...


Thank you! I know, my pockets are always full of all sorts! x